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Andrej’s Cardano Stake Pool

To stake in this pool, you can:

  1. use your favorite [ hardware wallet | wallet app | online wallet ] with staking capabilities and delegate to the pool ID above.
  2. set up staking manually using cardano-cli and the following steps:
    1. Create your Cardano address pair with staking capabilities. Skip this step if you have one.
      cardano-cli address key-gen --verification-key-file payment.vkey --signing-key-file payment.skey
      cardano-cli stake-address key-gen --verification-key-file stake.vkey --signing-key-file stake.skey
      cardano-cli address build --payment-verification-key-file payment.vkey --stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey --out-file payment.addr --mainnet
      cardano-cli stake-address build --stake-verification-key-file stake.vkey --out-file stake.addr --mainnet
    2. Transfer funds to your payment address, stored in payment.addr. Skip this step if you have funds.
    3. Register your stake address. Skip this step if you have one registered.
    4. Delegate your stake address to the stake pool.